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Indian Wedding Special

Jewellery plays an important role in Indian weddings.Hindus believe they ward off evil spirits, thereby protecting the person wearing them. Jewellery is worn on many different parts of the body, and for numerous reasons. No single piece of Indian jewellery fulfils the role that the wedding ring does in Western societies. Usually, a bride wears as much jewellery as her family can afford. Indian bridal wear havey jewellery according to his dress.

Some Type of jewellery that indian bridal compulsory wear in this Wedding is.....

Bridal Jewellery Sets

Indain Bridal wear heavy Necklace Bridal jewellery sets are available in a variety of colors to suit the different kinds of dresses that Bridal wear. The necklace are also available in different sizes , colors & Design.

Bridal Kalira

Kalira is a kind of jewellery that wear in hand attached to bangle. Kalire are very Famous in indian specially in punjab in every punjabi wedding Bridal wear Kalire.But Today it is famous in every wedding in india

Baridal Bangles

Bangles is also take a big part in a indain wedding. Today many types of bangles are available in market , Available in all standard sizes . All colour. Most of the bride wear Red Bangles in her wedding


Mangalsutra which is an auspicious thread worn by married woman thus, marking the symbol of marriage as per the hindu custom. Destined to be the favorite jewelry of married woman, Beautifully carved with intrinsic designs, these are not only stylish but also exuberant in looks. Studded with black beads these are available in different shapes and sizes.

Hath Panja

Hath Panja Taking into consideration the wide popularity of India jewelry in global marketplace.The ethnic & beautifull look of these fashionable adornment products are well crafed & beautifully designed .All kind of Hath Panja are available in various colour, size,design.

Mang Tika

Mang thika is a jewellery that a women waer on her's gave a beautifull look to a women. Mang thika a re available in a variety of colors ,size, design.